Amazing and Unique Playgrounds

Playgrounds have gone a long way from the standard slide and swing sets of the past. Playgrounds today are architectural marvels, and a great way for children to get the exercise that they need.

It is truly impressive and I must say that some of the best playground designs you can choose from are from Monster Play.

Monster Play designs are at the forefront of playground design, and they have some truly unique experiences for your children.

Here, we will showcase some of the more unique playgrounds available at Monster Play, for anyone who wants something a bit more unique than the standard fare offered at other playground retailers.

Green Thumbs Potting Shed
Green Thumbs Potting ShedOne of the unique playground features offered by Monster Play is the Green Thumbs Potting Shed. This miniature green house offers shelter from the sun and the rain, and comes with a play counter that is the perfect work area for potting plants.

It also comes with a built in plant box so that successfully planted flowers and herbs can be displayed. This is the perfect sensory toy for young children and teaches them to become responsible gardeners.

Learning Puddle
Learning PuddleAnother simple yet utterly brilliant offering from Monster Play, the learning puddle is a clear, elevated bowl that can be filled with water, sand, or any material of your choice.

It is perfect for sensory play, and your child can easily mix, pour, and drain materials from the environment. It comes with a cover so that the water stays clean after it is left alone.

Monster MultiActive Range
Monster MultiActive RangeDesigned primarily for schools and other educational facilities, the Monster MultiActive Range is a modular sports system that can be mixed and matched as the school pleases.

Lightweight and flexible, yet utterly durable, the MultiActive range can easily be rearranged to fit practically any space.

Individual components focus on different areas of strength, such as ball shooting, climbing, and kicking.

Each module is a standalone game and they are easy to learn, yet challenging to master. Coaches and teachers swear by the MultiActive range.

TrainR Natural Playground
TrainrTrainR is part of the Natural Playground range released by Monster Play. This beautiful playground uses eco-friendly materials with a natural look.

TrainR is designed for children aged five years old and above, and include climbing surfaces for varying skill levels.

Magellan Navigator
MagellanPart of Monster Play’s Navigator series, Magellan is a unique yet minimalistic playground that would not look out of place at an art museum.

It’s sleek design includes challenging climbing surfaces, balancing stretchy surfaces, and a twisted ladder that challenges a child’s dexterity.

Crystal Sky Horizons
SkyFrom the Horizon’s range, Monster Play’s Crystal Sky is an ultra modern playground installation with unique features.

For example, the Stratascend is a challenging climbing surfaces where the smooth side provides a challenging climb, while the rough side is more beginner friendly.

These are just some of the amazing playground designs being offered at Monster Play.

After seeing all these amazing playgrounds, safety for our kids would be the main concern. Watch this short YouTube video on how to maintain safety while your kids play: